H.245 v1 and v2 will not interoperate

Bancroft Scott baos at OSS.COM
Sun Sep 28 08:43:57 EDT 1997

The report from the ITU-T Q9/16 - Accessability - activities in Sunriver is
now available for download from http://www.pi.se/~omnitor/standd.htm

There you can also find the white contributions for

T.140 - Text cconversation protocol for general multimedia application

T.134 - Text chat application entity in the T.120 environment

V.18  - Revised Recommendation for text telephone modems.

These draft recommendations, together with work decided to apply T.140 to
the H.324 and H.323 environments form an important opportunity to establish
conversation services that give equal opportunities for people who need to
use text, video and voice in any combination for their basic communication

I want contact with organisations willing to implement the draft
recommendations, in order to assure compatibility.

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Gunnar Hellström

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