FW: H.235 White Contribution

gthom gthom at DELTA-INFO.COM
Fri Sep 26 13:29:32 EDT 1997

Mr. Okubo,

I have put the final version of H.235 in the incomming directory. I included a
cover sheet for the meeting. It has also been sent today to the TSB.

File name: h235wht.doc

please move it to the 9801GEN directory and delete any other versions in
the incomming directory.

Thank you

Name:      Gary Thom
Company: Delta Information Systems, Inc.
Phone:     +1-215-657-5270 x23
Fax    :     +1-215-657-5273
E-mail:     gthom at delta-info.com
Date:       09/25/97
Time:       09:43:16

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