Corrections for H.225.0 V2.

Euchner Martin ZT IK 3 Martin.Euchner at MCHP.SIEMENS.DE
Thu Sep 25 14:07:00 EDT 1997

Dear Q.12/16 broadband system experts,

The Sunriver experts group meeting agreed to correct the H.320/H.321
interoperation mode stack of H.310 RAST-5 terminals and to apply this
correction to H.310 Version 1.

This agreement was reported to WP1&2/16 meeting on 12 September and
the guidance obtained there was to use the procedure defined in
Section 8.7.2 of Resolution No. 1 (Geneva, 1996) as attached. I need
to submit a white contribution containing the proposed changes. I
intend to use Annex to APC-1300 for this purpose.

As this is a rather heavy (very visible to everybody) procedure, I
need your cooperation to review thoroughly the Annex to APC-1300 so
that our correction is defectless.

Please return your advice as soon as possible, by 7 October at the
latest.  Then I will send the white contribution to Geneva for
reference in the Director's invitation to the January-February meeting
of SG16.

Best regards,

Sakae OKUBO (Mr.)
Graphics Communication Laboratories       Phone:  +81 3 5351 0181
6F ANNEX TOSHIN BLDG.                     Fax:    +81 3 5351 0184
4-36-19 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo         e-mail: okubo at
151 Japan

Excerpt from Resolution No. 1 (Geneva, 1996)

8.7    Correction of defects

8.7.1   When a Study Group identifies the need for implementors to be
made aware of defects (e.g. typographical errors, editorial errors,
ambiguities, omissions or inconsistencies and technical errors) in a
Recommendation, one mechanism that may be employed is an Implementors'
Guide.  This Guide is an historical document recording all identified
defects and their status of correction, from their identification to
final resolution, and would be issued in the Study Group's COM Series
of documents.

8.7.2   Defects identified since the approval of the latest issue of
the Implementors' Guide (par. 8.7.1) and their proposed corrections
are referenced in the Director's invitation to the next Study Group
meeting so the Study Group can address them. The Chairman shall be
accountable for a fair decision about the nature of the proposed
corrections, in the spirit which is expressed in par. 8.5.2 above.
After approval by the Study Group (see par. 8.5.3 to par. 8.5.6), the
Director shall announce the corrections in a Circular-letter and the
Study Group will update the Implementors' Guide accordingly.


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