Whither userInputSupportIndication?

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Wed Sep 24 21:46:48 EDT 1997


Thanks for your detailed review of the document.  I have incorporated all
of your comments except the two as listed below.....


At 05:58 PM 9/23/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Some mostly editorial comments on the H.235 Draft:

>- (Page 16) Section 8.5, 3rd paragraph:  It seems that this should only
>apply when the H.245 channel is secure; in fact the document allows for the
>encryption key to be passed in other places beside the
>OpenLogicalChannelAck.  Perhaps we need to add a sentence saying that "When
>the H.245 channel is operated in secure mode..." or something like that.
>Section 11.1appears to fill this out.

The key is based in the OLC(A) whether the H.245 channel is secured or not.
 If the channel is in the 'clear' then the media session key is protected
within the message itself.  The algorithm and encryption key material (used
to protect the media key) may be derived outside the H.245 Control channel
itself.  For example we might have opened an H235Control logical channel
(in a normal, clear H.245) and on _this_ logical channel run IPSEC -
establish authenticity and generate key material to be used when passing
the media session keys......

>- (Page 17) Section 10.2, Figure A, Phase 2: Shouldn't this be a
>cryptoToken, because it is encrypted via the DH key?  Maybe I don't
>understand the token usage correctly.  Also, should we include a Note
>descibing the meaing of { }E DH-secret ?  The other figures seem to have
>note to this effect.  Finally, the last sentence of this sections indicates
>that EPB knows GeneralIDa, but I believe this will only be true if Phase 1
>includes the optional cryptoToken.

Actually the intent _was_ to pass it in the 'clearToken' field.  This
allows simple encoding (without using the parameterized types).  Since the
values that is encrypted does not depend on its ASN.1 representation, we
can get away with this.  The idea was to allow Diffie-Hellman to occur with
the least complexity......

EPB _may_ know GeneralIDa if it is passed in the cryptoToken, but it might
also know it from the source transport address, or some other means.....

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