H.225.0V2 comment

Karl Klaghofer karl.klaghofer at MCH.PN.SIEMENS.DE
Wed Sep 24 12:16:28 EDT 1997

Dear Mr. Gates,

I have reviewed your three documents contained in H321v2.zip and
slightly modified them as follows:

1) H321v2.doc - clean version

I have added a cover sheet for the white contribution with Rapporteur
as the source and Editor as the contact point.  The draft
Recommendation is kept intact except for adding 5.9 in CONTENT.

New file is named as H321v2wh.doc.

2) H321dlta.doc - revised version with change marks

I tried to remove redundant parts such as striking out the original
text and adding a new text (like Section 3 Definitions and
Abbreviations) by using the material in the list of changes.  I also
tried to remove the change marks for unchanged figures.

I found new 5.9 was missing in CONTENTS.

New file is named as H321v2wc.doc.

3) H321chng.doc - list of changes

- new 5.9 has been added in CONTENTS.

- replacement of Figure 3 has been added.

- renumbering of the items

New file is named as H321dltr.doc.

Updated three files and their zipped file (H321v2wh.zip) are plcaed in
the Incoming directory of the GCL ftp site.

I would appreciate if you have time to take a look at it.  In any case
I will send it to Geneva tomorrow (25th, Tokyo time).  Could you
please help TSBEDH if anything is wrong as I am going to travel from
next Friday for a week without access to the Internet?

Best regards,

Sakae OKUBO (Mr.)
Graphics Communication Laboratories       Phone:  +81 3 5351 0181
6F ANNEX TOSHIN BLDG.                     Fax:    +81 3 5351 0184
4-36-19 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo         e-mail: okubo at gctech.co.jp
151 Japan

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