H.235 Draft

Corey Gates Corey_Gates/FVC/US at FVC.COM
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Some mostly editorial comments on the H.235 Draft:

- (Page 12) Section 6.2, 2nd paragraph, 3rd sentence ends with "...not
simply the physical."; do you mean to say "physical terminal"?  I'm not

- (Page 13) Section 6.2.1, 2nd paragraph, 1st sentence  "... requires the
endpoints..." should be changed to "...the endpoints are required..."

- (Page 14) Section 6.6, 1st paragraph, last sentence: remove the ","
between "...an element" and "is the confidence...".

- (Page 16) Section 8.4, the last sentence is enclosed in braces; is there
a reason for this?  It seems that the statement about the MC is valid and
should be included in the text.  This is re-stated in section 9.2 I

- (Page 16) Section 8.5, 3rd paragraph:  It seems that this should only
apply when the H.245 channel is secure; in fact the document allows for the
encryption key to be passed in other places beside the
OpenLogicalChannelAck.  Perhaps we need to add a sentence saying that "When
the H.245 channel is operated in secure mode..." or something like that.
Section 11.1appears to fill this out.

- (Page 17) Section 10.2, Figure A, Phase 2: Shouldn't this be a
cryptoToken, because it is encrypted via the DH key?  Maybe I don't
understand the token usage correctly.  Also, should we include a Note
descibing the meaing of { }E DH-secret ?  The other figures seem to have
note to this effect.  Finally, the last sentence of this sections indicates
that EPB knows GeneralIDa, but I believe this will only be true if Phase 1
includes the optional cryptoToken.

- (Page 21) Section 11.1, last bullet point of last paragraph:
encryptionUpdate should be in bold type.

- (Page 22) Annex A: Is there a reason why ChallengeString is limited to
only 16 OCTETs?  It seems that this may want to get larger in the future.
Also, do the BIT STRINGS in the DHset need to have MSB/LSB ordering
specified?  A comment would probably suffice and clear up future
implementation problems.

- (Page 32 and 38) Appendix A to D:  Should these be numbered Appendix I to
IV so as not to be confused with Annexes?

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