H.450.x ASN.1 Modules

Corey Gates Corey_Gates/FVC/US at FVC.COM
Mon Sep 22 17:53:43 EDT 1997


> There is one remaining error on line 142 in a module copied from original
> X.880. For some reason the ASN.1 compiler complains that the "opcode" is
> not defined, even though the same construct does not have an error on
> 109.
> In order to get the H.450 ASN.1 code to compile we commented this
> temporarily.
> In order to test the code take the comment on line 142 out.
> If somebody has an idea what causes this problem please report to me as
> soon as possible.

Did you apply to corrigendum to X.880 first?  The syntax you attached did
not contain the X.880 syntax you used, so I couldn't tell.  One of the
changes is the following:

<              ({Operations} {@opcode}
>              ({Operations} {@.opcode}
which should fix your problem.  The corrigendum is available at
http://www.itu.ch/itudoc/itu-t/rec/x/x500up/x880c1_31931.html (it's free to

If you could run the syntax by Bancroft Scott, the ASN.1 editor, he can
double check any issues that you have with the syntax.  He can be contacted
at baos at oss.com.

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