ITU-T H.450.1, H.450.2 and H.450.3 Drafts for white papers

Markku Korpi korpim at SBS.DE
Sat Sep 20 14:01:48 EDT 1997

Pete,Glen,Dave & others
For your convinience I have attached a file with the ASN.1 modules, that we
used for verification of the H.450.x ASN.1 syntax.

But Note:
There is one remaining error on line 142 in a module copied from original
X.880. For some reason the ASN.1 compiler complains that the "opcode" is
not defined, even though the same construct does not have an error on line
In order to get the H.450 ASN.1 code to compile we commented this reference
In order to test the code take the comment on line 142 out.
If somebody has an idea what causes this problem please report to me as
soon as possible.

Markku Korpi
Editor of H.450.x
Siemens Munich

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