FW: Octet-aligned encoding for H.450.x ?

Klaghofer, Karl PN M BT karl.klaghofer at PN.SIEMENS.DE
Sat Sep 20 02:56:00 EDT 1997

Fellow H.323ers,

I have posted 2 H.225.0 V2 files to the incoming directory of the gctech
ftp site for early review. h2250v2b.doc indicates the changes from the
Sunriver meeting. h225bdif.doc shows the changes between H.225.0 version
1 and h2250v2b.

Note that these documents are not in their desired final state, but I
think they are close. I have posted these now to allow review to be sure
that I have included material from Sunriver.

Please let me know if you see any omissions or errors, or if you have
any suggestions. I have a few issues to resolve yet, and I have received
a few comments which I have not had a chance to incorporate. Please get
your comments to me by the end of the day Wednesday, September 24, so
that I can forward the final documents to the Rapporteur by September

Best Regards,
Glen Freundlich (editor H.225.0)

Glen Freundlich                           ggf at lucent.com
Lucent Technologies                       office: +1 303 538 2899
11900 N. Pecos                            fax: +1 303 538 3907
Westminster, Colorado 80234  USA

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