REH.225.0 protocol identifier

gthom gthom at DELTA-INFO.COM
Wed Sep 17 14:12:20 EDT 1997


>In the strict sense ... doesn't this change imply that a version 1 endpoint
>"shall" do this in a call between two version 1 endpoints? I realize that
>is not the intent .... but without the version numbers as in the first
>paragraph it is not clear.
>     Mark
>APC-1315 indicates the following change:
>"When a version 1 endpoint calls a version 2 endpoint, it is the
>of the version 2 endpoint to generate a callIdentifier prior to sending ARQ
>its gatekeeper."
>Can this be generalized to:
>"An endpoint receiving a Setup message which does not contain a
>callIdentifier shall generate one and use it when sending RAS or Q.931
>messages related to this call."
>Comments, clarifications???

I was trying to avoid using version numbers, because they are not used
anywhere else in the document.

Since this text is only in the Version 2 document, it should not be a
requirement for Version 1 endpoints ???

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