H.323 changes

gthom gthom at DELTA-INFO.COM
Tue Sep 16 13:48:09 EDT 1997

Hi all,

I hope every one had a good trip home from Sunriver.

Could all of those people who generated TDs at the meeting, please post
them to the ftp site, or send them to me by e-mail. In particular I need
TD-13, 19, 20,23, 28, 34 and also updated text for H.323 Annex C. I need
these as soon as posible so that I can prepare the H.323V2 white
contribution by Sept. 20, 1997.

Thanks for your help.


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Company: Delta Information Systems, Inc.
Phone:     +1-215-657-5270 x23
Fax    :     +1-215-657-5273
E-mail:     gthom at delta-info.com
Date:       09/16/97
Time:       09:17:01

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