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Tue Sep 16 12:17:01 EDT 1997

To all Q12, Q13, and Q14 editors,

Mr. Okubo asked me to remind you that White Contributions must be
submitted to the TSB no later than Sept 26, 1997. (The meeting notice says
Sept. 20 but Mr. Bigi indicated that Sept.26 would be ok). The sooner that
they can be submitted the better, because of the large number of
recommendations which need to be translated for this meeting.

New documents which have never been translated, require only an
electronic version of the final draft with no change marks. (H.235, H.246,
H.332, H.450.x, H.222.0 Amend. 3 and 4)

Documents which have been previously translated (H.321V2, H.245V3,
H.323V2, and H.225.0V2) require three files:
1) a clean version of the final draft with no change marks.
2) a version of the final draft with change marks indicating the changes from
the last translated version.
3) a "delta" document which describes the changes to be made to the last
translated version to get to the final draft.

#3 is the primary document for the translation, and translation cost is based
on the size of this document. #1 and #2 are used as references to aid the

All appendices and annexes should be included in the main documents. That
is, they are not submitted as separate draft recommendations.

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me, the other
rapporteurs, or Mr. Bigi.


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