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Robert Webber webberr at CACTUS.PICTEL.COM
Tue Sep 9 05:58:08 EDT 1997

The latest H.323 draft says that the CRV used on the RAS channel is
different from the one used on the Q.931 signalling channel of the same
call. However in the latest H.225 draft the matters remain vague, and I
quote (8.11.1 - ARQ, and in many other places):

callReferenceValue - the CRV from Q.931 for this call; only local validity.
This is used by a gatekeeper to associate the ARQ with a particular call.
Is it, or is it not the same as in Q.931? Or just the structure  is the
same? Does H.225 need some clarification?


Lior Moscovici

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