Lior Moscovici Lior_Moscovici at VOCALTEC.COM
Tue Sep 9 06:22:47 EDT 1997

APC-1276 Presents the idea that the IP transport address of the sender can
be replaced
with  there were a few opposing opinions regarding this
contribution, but I wanted
to share two more reasons why this contribution is required.

1. currently, it is impossible to do End-to-End security in 225/245, as the
transport address
resides in the PDU itself, by placing, this limitation is removed.

2. When an EndPoint is running on a PPP or DHCP on portables, the IP
address can change behind
the back of the EndPoint - The PPP link may drop, or the Portable may go to
sleep and it's DHCP
lease expires.  While it is complicated to find one's own IP address, it is
even more complicated
to find out when the IP address changed behind the EndPoint's back.

Gur Kimchi
VocalTec Communication Ltd
gur at

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