Two reasons to support APC-1276

Gur Kimchi gur at VOCALTEC.COM
Mon Sep 8 10:56:51 EDT 1997

When a 323 EndPoint calls an POTS Gateway, the gateway may want to answer
and open an audio channel so it can start sending IVR's (such as "Please
wait while xxx" or "Thank you for calling the XXX gateway").  Such a call
has not yet begun to be billed, as the remote endpoint has not been reached
- we are still in the signaling stage.

The user will get very angry at the end of the month if he/she gets billed
for all the un answered/uncompleted calles he/she made...

I do agree that this can also be achieved by exactly documenting the
ability to complete 245 negotiation first, and only then send (at some
future time, when the POTS phone picks up) the Connect message.

Gur Kimchi
VocalTec Communications Ltd
gur at

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