No concensus for ASN.1 extension support (was: Re: AP

Raymond Y Sit Raymond_Y_Sit at CCM.JF.INTEL.COM
Thu Sep 4 17:08:00 EDT 1997

Dear Mr. Okubo,

I have posted the meeting report from the IMTC Ad-Hoc group meeting
on conferencing protocols today and I am submitting this as a contribution
to Q3/16 for Sunriver.  I was wondering whether I should register this
for Q12-14 as well, since this contribution seems to be of general
interest.  The title is

    "Meeting Report on the Second Meeting of IMTC Ad-Hoc Group
     on Harmonization of Conferencing Protocols"

Please let me know if it is still possible to obtain an APC number for
this contribution.  If so, I will upload it immediately (but as stated
before, it was sent out on all relevant e-mail reflectors today so that
uploading should not be time critial).

Finally, if registered, I assume I should bring 50 copies of the document?

Thank you very much,

Joerg Ott                                                            jo at
Universitaet Bremen, Germany                              fax + 49 421 218-2085
TELES AG                                                voice + 49 421 218-7000

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