Report of 2nd IMTC Ad-Hoc Group Meeting on Harmonization of Conferencing Protocols

Joerg Ott jo at CS.TU-BERLIN.DE
Thu Sep 4 10:28:07 EDT 1997

Hello everyone,

APC-1321.ZIP (a zipped word 7 file) was cross posted last night to the
following FTP
servers: (Q3 site)
ftp://itu-t:sg15! (Q14 site) (Q14 mirror site)

The document discusses several short term issues which have been identified
by the IMTC ad-hoc T.120/H.323 Harmonization group.  The document covers
the recommended coordination of T.120 and H.323 conferences.  Replacement
text for H.323, H.245 and T.120 is included.

While this document has already been endorsed by several companies, it is
important to mention that Lucent will be presenting a document that solves
one of the issues in a different way.  Note that APC-1321 will address many
issues, and the Lucent document will only conflict with one of these

We feel that since both solutions solve an existing problem differently,
that we would rather present both solutions and let the experts of Q3 and
Q14 make the final group decision.


bill quinn
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DataBeam Corporation
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