"flowControlToZero message?"

Paul Long plong at SMITHMICRO.COM
Thu Sep 25 01:12:27 EDT 1997

7.3.2/H.245v3 mentions the FlowControlToZero field of the
H2250LogicalChannelAckParameters type and a "flowControlToZero message" (see
quote below). However, I cannot find a definition for such a message in the
H.245 ASN.1 syntax. Is this _not_ an H.245 message, has it just not been defined
yet, or should this be a reference to the _FlowControl_ message with scope set
to logicalChannelNumber? Regardless of the answer, this needs to be explained
better in the Recommendation.

"FlowControlToZero indicates whether the transmitter is allowed to start
transmitting on the logical channel. If set to true, it indicates that the
transmitter should not transmit on the logical channel until receiving a
subsequent flowControlToZero message allowing it to do so. If set to false, or
absent, the transmitter is allowed to begin transmitting immediately the channel
is established."

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