Whither userInputSupportIndication?

Paul Long plong at SMITHMICRO.COM
Wed Sep 24 21:46:48 EDT 1997

With the addition of UserInputCapability to H.245v3, the H.245v2
userInputSupportIndication choice of UserInputIndication is redundant and could
cause interoperability problems due to the resulting ambiguity. Since H.245v2 is
Decided, we cannot remove userInputSupportIndication from the H.245 ASN.1
syntax. Therefore, how shall we resolve there being two ways to signal whether a
terminal is able to transmit the nonStandard, basicString, iA5String, or
generalString forms of the alphanumeric choice of UserInputIndication?

We could just "ignore" the problem and deprecate the use of the
userInputSupportIndication choice either formally, i.e., written down, or
informally. Or we could hope that referencing Recommendations do not require or
allow userInputSupportIndication.

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