IRR Fields

Lior Moscovici Lior_Moscovici at VOCALTEC.COM
Tue Sep 9 12:31:27 EDT 1997

I have some questions/remarks regarding the IRR fields as defined in H.225:
   There is an inconsistency between the ASN.1 definition and the textual
   description in 8.15.2. The ASN.1 is more up to date. Specifically, the
   perCallInfo field is missing in 8.15.2.
   According to the ASN.1 definition: can a single IRR really refer to more
   than one call? As perCallInfo is a SEQUENCE of SEQUENCES, one per call,
   it seems to be so, but the callIdentifier is outside the perCallInfo
   field, and thus there is only one of it. To which of the calls is it
   supposed to refer to?


Lior Moscovici

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