[Q15-ALL] Meeting Updates

Gary Sullivan garys at PYTHON.PICTEL.COM
Fri Sep 5 16:50:36 EDT 1997

To all Q15/16 participants and interested parties
  from Q11-14/16:

I have updated the Sunriver Q15 meeting plan
and placed it on the Q15 ftp site
(file: q15bT2r2.doc).

A copy of our document registration list is
also available there (file: q15b00r1.doc).

The Q15 ftp site is at:


and these documents for Sunriver are found in
the sunriver.sep97 directory.

Within section 2.2 of the meeting plan document
is a list of all issues and documents which appear
relevant to the joint sessions of Q.11-15/16
which are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday.
The list is meant to be inclusive, so we may not
necessarily want to discuss all those topics in
the joint sessions.  Among those issues and
documents, the ones which pertain to white
document contributions for the January meeting
of SG16 should probably be given the top priority
(e.g., H.245v3 and H.263+ issues).

My own impression of our current status is that
I am disappointed not to have seen more work
done on H.245 for H.263+.  Apparently the people
who have devoted their time and energy toward
designing the H.263+ video coding enhancements
have not seen fit to ensure that their new video
codec is adopted properly into the terminals
that are intended to use it (with the exception
of those working on Annex N of H.263).  This is
mystifying, because a video coding standard is
not much good if it isn't used in anything, and
H.245 is not that hard to understand.  I hope
that we can improve the H.245 content substantially
in Sunriver.  I want to encourage all concerned to
have a look at that issue and to think about what
is needed.  We will need to assess the state of
our work on this issue as the Sunriver meeting

A copy of the current draft of H.245v3 can be found at:
(within which can be found h245wcma.ww2).

Best Wishes,

Gary Sullivan

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