Minor H.225.0 Corrections

Glen Freundlich ggf at lucent.com
Tue Oct 28 16:28:17 EST 1997


Thanks for the note.

In addition, I have the following corrections:

TimeToLive should be INTEGER(1..4294967295) instead of 4294967296.

With the addition in V2 of supplementary services, fast call setup, and
other items, the length of the User-user IE specified in the tables for
each of the various Q.931 messages should be extended from 2-131 to
something larger (any suggestions?).

The callReferenceValue definition (at least in ARQ) should be modified
to remove the statement that the CRV comes from the Q.931 message.

If you find other needed corrections, please let me know.


Lior Moscovici wrote:
> There are two corrections we would like to suggest in H.225.0:
>    In the Endpoint structure: "destinationInfo" field should be
>    "remoteExtensionInfo". This was our original intent in the Sunriver
>    contribution, but we had a typo, we ourselves overlooked. We apologize
>    for the incovenience. The change has to be reflected in the ASN.1
>    section.
>    In the INAK PDU the field altGkIsPermanent should be OPTIONAL, as it is
>    in all other reject PDUs.
>    Sincerely,
>    Lior Moscovici

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