Problems with the ASN.1 Syntax in H.235

Jim Toga jtoga at
Fri Oct 31 15:04:53 EST 1997


(Thanks for the comments)

Yes, I am aware of this syntax error.... in the rush to file the white
paper it snuck through.  It along with anything else will be corrected in

As for the second point, hmmm.....?  You are correct in that the
implication is that timeStamp and generalID are to be required for use in
the PwdCertToken.  I'll have to go back and look at the recommendation, but
I thought that the current construct implies that they must be present
(along with any other optional values desired).

If this is incorrect, it will certainly be fixed.


At 02:58 PM 10/31/97 +0100, you wrote:
>While working with the H.235 ASN.1 Symtax, I found a syntax error and
>also a definition which seems to be wrong:
>1. A closing ')' is missing in the line
>   EncodedGeneralToken ::= TYPE-IDENTIFIER.&Type (ClearToken) -- general
usage token
>                                                    --------^
>2. PwdCertToken ::= ClearToken (WITH COMPONENTS {..., timeStamp, generalID })
>   As far as I understand this line, timeStamp and generalID should be
>   mandatory inside a PwdCertToken (if they should still be optional
>   there is no need to use a WITH COMPONENTS). Without the '...' we would
>   have a 'FullSpecification' and in this case the above line would
>   mean that timeStamp and generalID are now mandatory. However, this is
>   a 'PartialSpecification;, in which case no PresenceConstraint means that
>   no constraint is imposed (see x680,
>   The correct line would therefore be
>   PwdCertToken ::= ClearToken
>        (WITH COMPONENTS {..., timeStamp PRESENT, generalID PRESENT})
>   Is this assumption correct?
>Claudio Fleiner (cfl at

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