Fellow MS Outlook users.

Ryan Holmqvist ryan at ALOFT.MICRO.LUCENT.COM
Tue Oct 28 09:18:46 EST 1997

Fellow MS Outlook users,

When posting to reflectors with MS Outlook, *please* make sure that you
turn off Tools:Options:Sending:TrackingOptions.  When these are turned on,
my MS Outlook *automatically* replies to the reflector when I read your
email.  This explains the unreadable attachments some of you have been
indirectly getting from me.  If anyone knows how I can make my MS Outlook
not respond to people's email, please let me know.  I feel guilty wasting
valuable internet bandwidth that could be used to read the Dilbert Web Site


Ryan Holmqvist
Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs Innovations)
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