Q.12-14/16 meeting in April 1998

Sakae Okubo okubo at GCTECH.CO.JP
Thu Nov 20 23:35:58 EST 1997


I would like to apologize for the recent hiccup (maybe more like accute
nausea) that occured on the sg-16 list.  It resulted from a site which was
responding to errors back to the list as opposed to the original sender.

We have tightend up loop checking on the list server which should terminate
these exchanges.  Please let me know (many of you already do...!) if you
see anything 'funny' in the future.

In addition I would like to request that anyone that has subscribed to the
sg-16 list with an address that is an internal mail list exploder, verify
that it behaves 'well' on internal errors.  In other words, errors from
internal members are not generated towards the sg-16 listserv.

Best Regards,

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