Alternative Products alternatives at ALTERNATIVEPRODUCTS.COM
Fri Nov 28 06:59:17 EST 1997

Do you buy a lot of books, CDs, cassettes, videos and software?  Would you
like to save BIG money on ALL of these products you buy, not just a few titles
as offered by the better known online book and video stores?

We carry all subject categories.  Audio tapes, books on tape, hardcover,
paperbacks, music CDs, cassettes, movie videos and software too.  Our
discounts apply to even special orders, unlike the better known online stores.
You get discounts on EVERYTHING !!!

Send us the titles, author, ISBN number or any of these and we will get back
to you with REAL discounts !!!

We ship all over the world at the CHEAPEST rates we can get.  You save even
more money.

Be sure to put "books etc inquiry" in subject line to get to the right department.

Thank you
alternatives at alternativeproducts.com

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