Suggesting Correction In H.235

Lior Moscovici Lior_Moscovici at VOCALTEC.COM
Wed Dec 31 04:23:29 EST 1997

I noticed that the annex to H.225.0v2 on gatekeeper discover using DNS
refers several times to DNS "SVR" records. But when I look at RFC 2052 where
these are defined (see <>), they are
called "SRV" records. Am I looking at the right thing?  If so, this is a
typo that should be corrected before publication.

Should H.225.0v2 include RFC 2052 as a reference?

Has anyone yet applied to IANA to register "ras" as a service name?

Also, I read with interest, which
suggests using "Service URLs" in TXT records as a fallback when SRV lookup
fails. This differs from (although it is very close to) the format of RAS
information in TXT records currently contained in H.225.0v2. Of course, this
is just a draft, and I have no idea how well it was received in IETF, but if
it gets legs, we may want to also add support for RAS URLs in TXT records
via the H.323v2 Implementor's Guide. Regardless, it would be helpful to
include a pointer to this draft -- or even an H.323-specific modified
version of it -- in the Implementor's Guide to help people get gatekeeper
discovery via DNS correctly implemented.

        -- Toby
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