Analysing fast start

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Another benefit of using a single TCP connection is that it makes
scaleable gatekeeper farms much easier to implement.  For example, you
can get boxes that will sit in front of multiple HTTP servers to spread
the load.  These use some algorithm to distribute the various TCP
connections.  For H.323, it is likely that with two TCP connections, the
Q.931 TCP connection and the H.245 TCP connection would end up on
different machines.  This makes the design difficult if not impossible!

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>From:  Hong Linh Truong[SMTP:hlt at ZURICH.IBM.COM]
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>Subject:       Re: Analysing fast start
>Without having analysed all the details, I believe Pete's fast start
>approach has the following advantages compared to the one currently
>included in H.323 V2:
>   Having only one TCP connection instead of two not only makes H.323
>   scalable, it also simplifies the coordination and the handling of
>   conditions between Q.931 and H.245.
>   It allows re-use of codes written for the ad-hoc conferencing,
>   it does not change anything to the H.245 procedures, it just moves
>   to the H.225 control channel.
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