Analysing fast start

Hong Linh Truong hlt at ZURICH.IBM.COM
Fri Dec 19 05:38:05 EST 1997

I believe this is a general problem for protocols that carry
IP addresses in the application level, like FTP.  I would think
an H.323 proxy would be needed in this kind of environment.

Gene Schroeder

> From: Tom Taylor <Tom.Taylor.taylor at NT.COM>
> Subject: Potential Addressing Issue
> Date: Thursday, December 18, 1997 12:48 PM
> I was going over my notes for the IETF MMUSIC session last week, and
> came across an item which may be an issue for H.323.  Thanks to the
> presence of Network Address Translation (NAT) in the net, an endpoint
> doesn't necessarily know its true network address.  (NAT boxes translate
> between local addresses and public ones invisibly to the hosts
> concerned.)  Thus the address an H.323 endpoint sends out during
> registration with the Gatekeeper may be bogus.

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