FW: Submission of Internet draft

Pete Cordell pete.cordell at BT-SYS.BT.CO.UK
Wed Dec 17 14:03:13 EST 1997

Istvan Sebestyen [SMTP:istvan.sebestyen at mch.pn.siemens.de] wrote:

> In my personal opinion WP2 will - as always be - very busy, and
> occupied with much work. In addition you have to deduct the opening
> and closing Plenaries of the WPs and of SG16 (the later one about
> 1,5-2 days). So, in practice the question is if you can queeze WP2
> work in 2,5-3 days (Monday-Wednesday 2nd week),
> without giving time for preparation of reports,
> documents, last minutes edits etc. for the closing plenaries.
> In my opinion this will be very difficult.

and Gary Thom [gthom at DELTA-INFO.COM] wrote:

> I expect that at the Sept 98 SG16 meeting, we will have several
> documents to Determine. These may be: H.MediaMIB,
> H.246 Annexes for H.324/H.320 and H.324/H.323, H.235V2,
> H.245V4, T.130/H.AVC. Maybe also H.323V3, H.225.0V3.

Well, I was afraid of that when I was speaking with Jeff on Friday.
I'll let him know, and he'll have to decide whether to try to reschedule
VON or do it without key SG16 participants.

        -- Toby
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