Schedule for 14-25 Sep 1998 meeting of Study Group 16

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At 14:58 15.12.1997 -0800, Toby Nixon wrote:
>At the IMTC VOIP Forum meeting last Friday, Jeff Pulver announced that he
>has planned next fall's VON conference for the week of September 14-18 in
>Washington DC. Apparently, he didn't know that there is a Study Group 16
>meeting planned for the same time slot. He's really in a bind, though,
>because of conflicts with other conferences and trade shows, holidays, etc.,
>and is very concerned that key SG16 participants won't be able to attend VON
>with the current schedule.
>What is the SG16 WP2 workload likely to be at that fall '98 meeting? Is it
>conceivable that we could schedule WP1 and WP3 meetings mostly in the first
>week, and meetings of WP2 and its questions mostly in the second week, so as
>to allow for participating in VON?
>        -- Toby
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to your question...

In my personal opinion WP2 will - as always be - very busy, and
occupied with much work. In addition you have to deduct the opening
ang closing Plenaries of the WPs and of SG16 (the later one about
1,5-2 days). So, in practice the question is if you can queeze WP2
work in 2,5-3 days (Monday-Wednesday 2nd week),
without giving time for preparation of reports,
documents, last minutes edits etc. for the closing plenaries.

In my opinion this will be very difficult.


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