H.263 Video Decoder in Java.

Jauvane Cavalcante de Oliveira jauvane at MCRLAB.UOTTAWA.CA
Mon Dec 8 15:57:19 EST 1997

Dear Sir/Madam,

     First of all, if you don't have interest in this matter, please accept
my apologies and just ignore this message.

     I would like to invite all of you to visit a Client/Server version of my
3rd prize winner (in the ACM Quest for Java'97) H.263 Video Decoder Entirely
written in Java. The client applet can be found at
http://www2.mcrlab.uottawa.ca/~jauvane/H263Decoder where I have a
VideoServer that waits for clients. The clients can request videos and
the Server send them to be shown in real-time. The applet allows the use of
play/pause, Rewind, Quit and Slow Motion buttons to watch the video. The
server uses a Sliding Window flow control algorithm, and I would like to
receive, if
possible, some feedback from you to make the fine tunning of the Sliding
Window (I think It might be needed to increase the size of the window).
The decoding is entirely done by the applet client in an 100% pure Java code.

     To see the applet running you must use a JDK 1.1 enabled browser. I
strongly recoment Netscape 4.03 or 4.04 under WinNT or Win95, due to the
good performance of their JIT compiler (It is possible to achieve up to
25fps in a PPro 200 [video grandma.263]). You will find a link to the
Netscape JDK 1.1 patch at the same page above. I also received some positive
feedback form MS Internet Explorer 4 users.

     Have a look at it and, please, send me some feedback.

     Best regards,

         _/  _/    _/      Jauvane Cavalcante de Oliveira
        _/  _/   _/       University of Ottawa
       _/  _/  _/  _/_/  School of Information Technology & Engineering
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