Limitation of nonStandardData and other issues related to H.450

Paul Long plong at SMITHMICRO.COM
Wed Dec 3 15:30:52 EST 1997

Karl Klaghofer wrote:
> ExtensionSeq    ::=  SEQUENCE OF Extension{{ExtensionSet}}
> argumentExtension       CHOICE
>                 {extensionSeq           ExtensionSeq,
>                 nonStandardData SEQUENCE OF NonStandardParameter }    OPTIONAL
> argumentExtension       SEQUENCE OF MixedExtension OPTIONAL

Hey, it's really bad ASN.1 form to leave SEQUENCE OFs and SET OFs
unconstrained. The receiver has no idea how to size internal buffers.
This is especially critical for embbeded systems. Please provide a
sensible size constraint for all aggregate fields. For example,
    SEQUENCE SIZE (0..255) OF
or even
    SEQUENCE SIZE (0..65535) OF

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