H.bmultipoint drift

Li Yan lyan at LUCENT.COM
Fri Dec 19 09:52:17 EST 1997

Dear Mr. Harasaki, Mr. Okubo, and other Q.12/16 experts,

Sorry I could not get back to you earlier. Business trip and works have
kept me very busy. Now I am on vacation and I finally got chance to go
over the H.bmultipoint drift. I have several questions/comments listed

1. On page 9, Figure 3, blockdiagram of a Multipoint Control Unit,
1a) Does MC talk to MR too? There is no connection between the two in
the diagram.
1b) Should Call Control function be distributed between MC and Network
1c) There should have multiple inputs/outputs to/from Audio Processing
Unit, Video Processing Unit, and Data Processing unit.

2. By checking Chapter 5 and Chapter 7, I could not tell the difference.
I understand you want Chapter 5 to be a general system description while
chapter 7 to be MCU specifics. But if H.bmultipoint only deal with
multipoint with MCU, there is no difference between the two. Or the two
chapters should be merged into one because the general system is  MCU.

3.  In general, multipoint includes multipoint with MCU (centralized)
and multipoint without MCU (distributed). If Chapter 5 includes
configuration on multipoint without MCU, then there is difference
between Chapter 5 and 7,  where Chapter 5 is a general system and
Chapter 7 is multipoint with MCU. We can make multipoint without MCU for
further study since we agreed on Sunriver meeting that we would focus on
tightly-coupled multipoint with MCU. In my mind, Chapter 5 can be like
  5.1 MC
  5.2 MP
  5.3 MR
  5.4 MCU
  5.5 Multipoint configurations
    5.5.1  Multipoint without MCU (Text can be found in F.702)
    5.5.2 Multipoint with MCU (Text can be found in F.702)
   *** Four types of VC connection configurations for Centralized MCU.
       ( Should this be moved to Chapter 7 ??)

Chapter 7:
   (7.x:  VC connection configurations for MCU??)
   7.1, 7.2, 7.3 More detailed description about MC, MP, and MR?
   7.4 Clock synchronization
   7.5 MCU-MCU interconnections---- This should include diagrams to
show        multi-MCU configurations (from H.231 or F.702)

4. On 5.6, we only listed four H.245 commands/procedures. I think we
need more to support multipoint. Should we list they all or we are not
really sure what we really want?

5. I like the break up between the basic procedure and advanced
procedures. But do they still belong to Chapter 6?

Hope these will not be too late or cause too much confusion. Thanks.


lyan at lucent.com
Lucent Technologies

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