Revised H.310 version2

Thu Dec 18 01:50:00 EST 1997

Dear SG16 colleagues,

Toward the coming SG16 meeting, I have uploaded the draft revision ducument
of H.310 to the "Incoming" directory of GCL's ftp site.
The file name is "H310v2-4.doc" and it has been created by MS-Word97 (US
version) then converted to the ver.6.0/95 compatible format.

Main changes against existing version 1 are as follows:

 1. Changes proposed in APC-1259(Contribution to the Sunriver meeting)
    - Corrections described in  the H.310 Implementers Guide are imported.
    - An informative description in the H.310 Implementers Guide about
      H.310 CorrelationID is imported as AppendixIII.

 2. Changes made after APC-1259
    - Proposed corrections in COM 16-55 and  APC-1300(Contribution to the
      Sunriver meeting) regarding the H.320/H.321 interoperation mode stack
      of RAST-5 terminals are adopted.
    - Proposed additions in APC-1299(Contribution to the Sunriver meeting)
      regarding the procedures for intercommunication between H.310 RAST-1
      and RAST-5 terminals are included.
    - According to the liaison from SG11/WP1(Sep.1997) , descriptions for
      the use of resourceId within the B-HLI in the absence of Q.2941 are
      totally deleted.

There are still some open issues exist. Comments and contributions are
solicited. If you have any problems to reproduce the document, please let
me know.

Best regards,

K. Sakai

                                Kiyoshi Sakai
                                Media Processing Laboratory
                                Multimedia Systems Labs.
                                FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD.
                                Tel.   : +81 44 754 2679
                                Fax.   : +81 44 754 2347
                                E-mail : sakai at

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