FW: Bad Description Of Call Ref Value In H.323v2?

Tom Taylor Tom.Taylor.taylor at NT.COM
Thu Dec 11 08:00:23 EST 1997

There is a problem with the wording of H.323v2, Section 7.4, when it
talks about Call Reference Value.  From the lack of reaction, I suspect
my earlier message did not go through.

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>From:  Taylor, Tom (P.T.)
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>Subject:       Bad Description Of Call Ref Value In H.323v2?
>Section 7.4 of H.323v2 talks about Call Reference Value as it appears in
>Q.931 and RAS messages.  It indicates that the RAS channel itself has a CRV
>-- not true, surely.  Perusal of H.225.0 makes clear that the CRVs in the RAS
>messages are copied from the Q.931 calls they are about, and are used to tie
>the RAS messaging to the latter.

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