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Robert Webber webberr at CACTUS.PICTEL.COM
Wed Dec 3 14:48:40 EST 1997

Dear Mr Okubo:

I believe that if you transfer your uuencoded file in the ftp "ASCII" mode,
the transfer process will also transform your Macintosh-text to
ftp-server-text format.  The problem you describe resembles the consequence
of transferring text in "BINARY" mode between a client and server with
differing text formats.

Best regards,

At 06:37 PM 12/3/97 JST, Sakae Okubo wrote:
>Dear Jim,
>I have noticed that my text file uuencoded on SPARC loses spaces at
>the end of line, which causes problem for uudecoding.  I have
>confirmed that if it is returned from GCL server nothing happens.
>I wonder if this redundancy reduction is taking place at your server
>and if there is any setting to avoid this.
>Best regards,
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