H.245 Syntax Errors

Mike Nilsson nilsson_m_e at BT-WEB.BT.CO.UK
Fri Aug 29 05:06:58 EDT 1997

Dear Mr.Okubo,
cc. SG16 colleagues

I have placed the updated document of APC-1259(Draft H.310 Version 2) at the
Incoming directory of gctech ftp site as ths following name:


Please rename and move it appropriately.

The document has been created by Word for Windows 6.0c(16bit US version).


                                Kiyoshi Sakai
                                Media Processing Laboratory
                                Multimedia Systems Labs.
                                FUJITSU LABORATORIES LTD.
                                Tel.   : +81 44 754 2679
                                Fax.   : +81 44 754 2347
                                E-mail : sakai at flab.fujitsu.co.jp

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