Multicasting SETUP for user location

Nadia KAUSAR N.Kausar at CS.UCL.AC.UK
Wed Aug 27 05:10:04 EDT 1997

Lior, Scott,

Short comment on APC-1280 (VocalTec) "A Progress UUIE for Answer Supervision":

A Progress-UUIE was already added to h323-message-body by means of accepting the Siemens APC-1180 Hertzliya "proposed changes to ITU-T H.225.0 V2 as a result of H.450.x" (see in particular clause 7 "H.225.0 Message Syntax" and clause 8.3.7 "Progress" of APC-1180).

So, we probably only need to add some minor ASN.1 additions to the already accepted corresponding parts of APC-1180.

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