Editorial comments and questions to Draft H.235

Sakae Okubo okubo at GCTECH.CO.JP
Wed Aug 27 19:29:21 EDT 1997


I was under the illusion that there was a range of multicast addresses
that were allocated for site specific definition.  I have looked through
the assigned numbers list and can not find such a range.  Therefore, you
are right.  If there is interest in the proposal it will be necessary to
get IANA to assign some numbers.

Pete Cordell
BT Labs
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>From:  Nadia KAUSAR[SMTP:N.Kausar at CS.UCL.AC.UK]
>Sent:  27 August 1997 10:10
>Subject:       Re: Multicasting SETUP for user location
>I was reading your proposal on the multicasting setup for H.323 family.
>sort of mechanism are you assuming will be used to allocate these
>addresses?  (If I am right, you are saying that we already have a
>address and the terminal connects to that) but the allocation of
>addresses is
>a problem issue on its own.  May be something like mark handley's work
>on sdp
>and the address allocation would be useful...

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