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Hidenobu Harasaki harasaki at CCM.CL.NEC.CO.JP
Wed Aug 27 07:13:06 EDT 1997

I'm not sure if this is the right email address,
but here goes...

We at Starvision are developing a broadband MCU
product. The first phase of our product is now complete.
It is a prototype which performs parallel real-time video
processing on up to 10 video streams. Some features
currently implemented are arbitrary scaling, panning,
positioning, z-buffering, alpha-blending, chroma-keying,
text overlay and graphics overlay. The platform can
support any combination of # of conferences
and # per conference up to a total of 10.
Currently control of the A/V feature set
is proprietary.

The next phase of our development is to increase
the number of user streams supported in the MCU,
to provide transport over ATM and to conform as close
as we can to current and developing ITU standards.

Among many of the issues we're investigating, one of
the items in question is the issue of the overlap in
functionality between H.245 and T.120.

Our MCU has many audio/video processing features currently
not defined in either H.245 or T.130. In H.323, Section 6.6,
it is stated that "criteria for which [video] sources
and how many are mixed is determined by the MC until
other controls are defined. The use of the T.120-Series
Recommendations for these control functions is for
further study."

Is there anywhere I can be pointed to for information
and discussion regarding these multipoint A/V control functions?
I would think that this is not something that would go into
the H.245 spec. Is the current thought to use T.130?

Any info is much appreciated.
Ray Jang
Technical Leader, R&D
Starvision Multimedia

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