APC document registration

Sakae Okubo okubo at GCTECH.CO.JP
Wed Aug 27 10:49:38 EDT 1997

Dear SG16 colleagues,

Attached please find an updated list of APC document registration.
Please note that I have registered APC-1298 from Q.12 Rapporteur,
three contributions (APC-1299, 1300, 1301) from Japan, and APC-1302,
1303, 1304 in response to the following requests:

Dear Mr. Petrack,

>>if it is possible to change the titles in the text file and the html
>>file in accordance with the titles below.

This has been actioned.

Dear Mr. Hussein Salama,

>>Would you please assign an APC number to a contribution from Cisco
>>Systems to the SG16 Sunriver meeting. the contribution is titled:
>>"QoS Control in H.323 Version 2 using RSVP." It is an updated
>>version of the APC we presented at the previous meeting.

APC-1302 has been allocated to your contribution.

Dear Mr. Linh Truong,

>>I'd very appreciate if you could give me an APC number for the
>>following contribution:
>>   Source: IBM,
>>   Title: "Text proposal for APC-1218 "Clarification on the
>>   H.323 Ad-Hoc Conferencing Expansion" ", Purpose: proposal.

APC-1303 has been allocated to your contribution.

Dear Mr. Lindbergh,

>>I plan to request an APC number and post the final version late
>>this week;

Please use APC-1304 for your contribution.

Best regards,

Sakae OKUBO (Mr.)
Graphics Communication Laboratories       Phone:  +81 3 5351 0181
6F ANNEX TOSHIN BLDG.                     Fax:    +81 3 5351 0184
4-36-19 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo         e-mail: okubo at gctech.co.jp
151 Japan

 Document registration for the Sunriver meeting (8-11 September 1997)

These documents will be uploaded to:


and its mirror in the US:


Please take a look at 9709_Sun.html for their availability.

Number    Source  Provisional Title
APC-1250  DAVIC   CFP9 - IP based technologies
APC-1251  CNET    Proposal for the use of Reed-Solomon codes in H.321
                  terminals. Application in video satellite
                  communications. Experimental results on real
APC-1252  Editor  Draft ITU-T H.450.1
APC-1253  Editor  Draft ITU-T H.450.2
APC-1254  Editor  Draft ITU-T H.450.3
APC-1255  Editor  Draft H.323 Version 2
APC-1256  Editor  Draft H.332
APC-1257  Editor  Draft H.225.0 Version 2
APC-1258  Editor  Draft H.321 Version 2
APC-1259  Editor  Draft H.310 Version 2
APC-1260  Editor  Initial draft of H.bmultipoint
APC-1261  Editor  Draft Annex C to H.323
APC-1262  Microsoft et al
                  Specific Text Changes for Enhanced DTMF Support
APC-1263  CNET    Proposal of an ATC class for terminal H.321
APC-1264  Ascend  More Accurate Call Information in the Direct Call
APC-1265  Q13 Rap Overall DTMF Directions for H.323
APC-1266  Ascend et al
                  Using H.323 call control for Fax over IP
APC-1267  Databeam
                  T.120 Security Requirements
APC-1268  MPEG    Proposed Liaison between DMIF adn ITU-T SG16 TD 38
                  Geneva March 1997, July 25, 1997
APC-1269  MPEG    MPEG-4 Overview, July 1997
APC-1270  MPEG    DMIF (Delivery Multimedia Integration Framework)
                  ISO/IEC 14496-6 WD 1.0, July 1997
APC-1271  Siemens H.235: Message Integrity for the H.225.0 RAS
                  channel - Revised
APC-1272  Q.2931 Editor
                  Prososed Changes to Q.2931
APC-1273 Vocaltec A URL for H.323 Calls
APC-1274 Vocaltec A URL for RAS Requests
APC-1275 Vocaltec ACF & LCF messages should contain Endpoint Type
APC-1276 Vocaltec Using the transport layer address within H.323 PDUs
                  for Transparent Firewall Operation
APC-1277 Vocaltec DTMF Signaling with H.323
APC-1278 Vocaltec Access Tokens within H.323
APC-1279 Vocaltec Dynamic Change of IP Address in Registration
APC-1280 Vocaltec A Progress UUIE for Answer Supervision
APC-1281 Vocaltec ICF Message to Enable Reliability and Security
APC-1282 Vocaltec Announcing a Q.931 message within an IRR
APC-1283 Vocaltec H.245 Support for GSM Speech Codecs
APC-1284 Vocaltec Corrections to the Endpoint Structure
APC-1285  BT      Use of H.245 in Supplementary Services
APC-1286  BT      Fast Call Setup with Minimal Change
APC-1287  BT      Extensions to H.323 for operation over Frame Relay
APC-1288  BT      Conversational URLs
APC-1289  Editor  H.MediaMIB Progress Report and Draft
APC-1290  PictureTel
                  Transaction TCP for Improved H.323 Signaling
APC-1291  Mitel   Re-determination of Master-Slave Status
APC-1292  Mitel   Call Transfer with Consultation Call for
                  Gatekeeper-Routed Model
APC-1293  VideoServer
                  Support of ConferenceAlias in H.323 Revision 2
APC-1294  VideoServer
                  Observations on H.MediaMIB Draft
APC-1295  Editor  Draft H.246
APC-1296  Editor  H.323 additions for H.245 Version 3
APC-1297  PictureTel
                  General Comments and Proposals for H.323, H.225,
                  H.245, and H.450.X
APC-1298  Rap Q12 Proposed Amendments to the common text ITU-T
                  Recommendation H.222.0|ISO/IEC 13818-1
APC-1299  Japan   Proposed additions to H.310 and H.245 - procedures
                  for intercommunication between H.310 RAST-1 and
                  RAST-5 terminals
APC-1300  Japan   Proposed correction of Recommendation H.310
                  regarding the H.3230/H.321 interoperation mode stack
                  of RAST-5 terminals
APC-1301  Japan   Audiovisual signal processing in H.bmultipoint
                  Multipoint Processor
APC-1302  Cisco   QoS Control in H.323 Version 2 using RSVP
APC-1303  IBM     Text proposal for APC-1218 "Clarification on the
                  H.323 Ad-Hoc Conferencing Expansion"
APC-1304  PictureTel
                  "replacementFor" Text

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