APC-1283g.doc uploaded -- correction to APC-1283f.doc

Scott Petrack Scott_Petrack at VOCALTEC.COM
Wed Aug 27 14:10:50 EDT 1997


I have just uploaded APC-1283g.doc to  the incoming directory of
ftp.gctech.co.jp. It contains a correction to the ASN.1 of APC-1283f.doc.
Please discard the previous contribution and use file APC-1283g.doc instead
as the source of contribution APC-1283. Within the document, it is numbered

I apologies for the inconvenience, and thank my colleagues who noticed the


Scott Petrack

(P.S. just in case you're wondering, the "f" in APC-1283f.doc was for
"final", and I guess "g" is what comes after "f" ;-)).

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