APC-1260 version 1.0

Hidenobu Harasaki harasaki at CCM.CL.NEC.CO.JP
Wed Aug 27 07:13:06 EDT 1997

Dear Okubo-san:

I have revised initial draft for H.bmultipoint and put the following
document at the Incoming directory of gctech ftp site:

APC-1260.doc: Initial draft for H.bmultipoint (Version 1.0)

Please remove Version 0.5 (APC-1260.rtf and APC-1260.zip) and move
APC-1260.doc to the 9709_Sun directory.

The document has been created by Microsoft Word for Windows 95,
Version 7.0, If you have any problems to read the document, please e-mail me.


Hidenobu Harasaki           harasaki at ccm.CL.nec.co.jp
Principal Researcher        C&C Media Research Labs., NEC Corporation
                            Phone: +81 44 856 8083    Fax: +81 44 856 2232

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