[sg16-ast] DDP open for Contribution upload; new templates available; deadline: Tue 2015-09-29@ 2359 (CEST)

Campos, Simao simao.campos at itu.int
Tue Jul 14 09:56:35 EDT 2015

Dear all

This is a note to let you know that the document upload system for the next SG16 meeting in Geneva, 12-23 October 2015 is active, and that NEW TEMPLATES are available. The start link is: http://itu.int/net/ITU-T/ddp/Default.aspx?groupid=T13-SG16; there is a link to the new template at that page.

Please note:

·         Deadline: Tuesday 2015-09-29@ 2359 hours (CEST)

·         The contribution number follows the following style: COM 16 - C xx - E, where xx (xx=3 digits only, no letters etc!) has to be inserted by the authors. There is a 2nd place where you need to replace xx, with the same number.

·         The date is not the date of the meeting, it is the month and year or SUBMISSION (upload). Example: July 2015

·         Make sure the page number and the contribution number (COM 16 - C xx - E) shows on the header of page 2 onwards. (this should automatically be the case;
if not and you are using section breaks, ensure that from section 2 onwards the option in Page Layout -> Page setup -> Layout, option "Different first page" is not selected)

·         Don't forget to update the contact information in the footer

·         Style for title: when the contribution refers to an existing work item, these use the designation of that work item first, followed by colon, then the matter proposed in the contribution. The shorter the better. For example,
            H.Sup.ALTC: Review of H.248 signalling examples
If proposing a new work item, start the title with "New: ...". This way we can sift more efficiently through the documents.

·         Suggestion for structure: Abstract (under 150 words); Discussion; Conclusion or Proposal(s).

o   Write the Abstract such that, if the Rapporteur copy & pasted it in the report, it would explain well the essence of your contribution. (if well written, that's what the Rapporteur will likely do!)

o   For proposed changes, make sure to use the latest draft available for the work item

Always good to repeat: Make sure to use the right template for DDP self-upload!

In case of difficulty or doubt, please feel free to contact the secretariat for help...


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