[sg16-ast] New ITU-T SG16 Mailing Lists

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Wed Jan 16 14:51:39 EST 2013

Experts of WP1/16 and WP2/16,

With this new Study Period of ITU-T, SG16 has re-organized and, with 
that re-organization, there is a need to also rename and restructure the 
public mailing lists we use to get work done.

The itu-sg16 at lists.packetizer.com list is being deleted and replaced 
with two new lists, one for WP1/16 and one for WP2/16.

WP1/16 includes Questions on H.320, T.120, H.323, H.325/AMS, H.248, 
Telepresence systems, and multimedia framework, applications, and 
services.  The list is sg16-avd at lists.packetizer.com.

WP2/16 includes Questions on IPTV, digital signage, Internet of Things 
applications and services, accessibility, vehicle gateway platform, and 
e-health.  The list is sg16-ast at lists.packetizer.com.

For your convenience, you have been subscribed to both lists since most 
of the work had previously been done as part of a single Working Party 
(and thus the single list).

Should you wish to unsubscribe from either list, you can do so by visiting:

Select the list and follow the instructions to unsubscribe.  I can also 
remove you manually, but I kindly request that you don't ask unless 
there is a technical need.  There are a lot of subscribers on these 
lists and it would be most helpful to me if you could manage your list 
subscriptions yourself.

Also with this transition, anyone previously subscribed to receive 
message digests will need to change that configuration setting again.  
Given the relatively low volume on this list, it's probably not necessary.

Lastly, all of the mail archives previously associated with itu-sg16 
have been moved to sg16-avd.  The message archiving will continue for 
both lists for the benefit of those interested in the work.


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