[sg16-ast] Invitation to IPTV-GSI, 24-28 February 2014

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Fri Dec 27 09:35:17 EST 2013

To Experts of ITU-T SG16 Questions 13, 14, 26 and 28

Cc Mr Y Naito, Chairman of SG16 <yushi.naito at ties.itu.int>
   Mr P Jones, Vice Chairman of SG16 <paulej at packetizer.com>
   Mr S-H Jeong, Vice Chairman of SG16 <shjeong at hufs.ac.kr>
   Mr N Luo, Vice Chairman of SG16 <noah at huawei.com>
   Mr G Daniel, Vice Chairman of SG16 <danielgaby at hotmail.com>
   Mr M El-Megharbel, Vice Chairman of SG16 <melmegharbel at tra.gov.eg>
   Mr K Isaev, Vice Chairman of SG16 <kh.isaev at aci.uz>
   Mr H Kullmann, Vice Chairman of SG16 <Harald.Kullmann at telekom.de>
   Mr N Ntlatlapa, Vice Chairman of SG16 <Nntlatlapa at csir.co.za>
   Mr S Campos-Neto, ITU TSB <simao.campos at itu.int>

   Mr SH Jeong, Chairman of WP2/SG16 <shjeong at hufs.ac.kr >
   Mr M Kawamori, Vice Chairman of WP2/SG16 <masahito.kawamori at ties.itu.int >

   Mr M Moreno, Rapporteur for Q13/16 <moreno at ice.ufjf.br>
   Mr M Matsubara, Associate Rapporteur for Q13/16 <Matsubara.Masami at eb.mitsubishielectric.co.jp >
   Mr SG Kang, Associate Rapporteur for Q14/16 <sgkang at etri.re.kr>
   Mr HJ Kim, Rapporteur for Q25/16 <khj at etri.re.kr>
   Mr S Pennock, Rapporteur for Q27/16 <spennock at qnx.com>
   Mr M Kawamori, Rapporteur for Q26, Q28/16 <masahito.kawamori at ties.itu.int>

Dear experts of Q13, Q14, Q26 and Q28/16

Q13, Q14, Q26 and Q28/16 are planning to hold an experts meeting on 24-28 February 2014,in Geneva, as part of IPTV-GSI event.

Details of the proposed meeting in IPTV-GSI is available as TSB circular 66:

For your information, the meeting of Working Party 2/16 will be also held as TSB Collective letter 2/16, on Friday 28 February 2014:

According to the SG16 official procedure according to TD 104/PLEN-16,in preparation for this Q13, Q14, Q26 and Q28 meeting  we would like to know:

a) if you intend to come to the meeting, and
b) whether you intend to submit any contributions (how many contributions and provisional titles please)

It is essential that we know your intentions so that we can make a decision on whether to go ahead with the meeting or adjust the meeting duration. If there is insufficient interest and/or insufficient contributions then the meeting will not be authorised.

As always, all we need to know is your intentions at this stage - if you could let us have provisional titles for any contributions then this would also help.

Please let us know this information by Friday 24 January 2014 (four weeks before the meeting).
Outline of meeting is as follows:

1. Date

    24 (Monday) - 28 (Friday) February 2014
    Rapporteur Meeting will start at 9:30 on the first day and
    close around 17:30 on the last day.

2. Venue

    ITU-T Headquaters, Geneva.

3. Topics (tentative)

The objectives of this meeting were agreed in November (see:
http://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/studygroups/com16/Pages/meetings.aspx) and will be to:

-Progress work on:
(For Q13/16)
 most active topics of Q13/16 including H.721-Rev, H.761-Rev, H.IPTV-MAP, H.IPTV-MAFR.14,  H.IPTV-MAFR.13, H.IPTV-TDES.4, H.IPTV-TDES.5, H.IPTV-CPI, H.IPTV-EUIF, H.IPTV-MDS,  H.IPTV-ACC, H.IPTV-UVS, HSTP.CONF-H721, HSTP.IPTV-ISCD, HSTP.IPTV-GLOSS, H.IPTV-Widget 

(For Q14/16)
 all topics of Q14/16 including H.DS-AM, H.DS-ARCH, H.DS-DISR, H.DS-CASF, HSTP.DS-UCIS,  H.DS-META, HSTP.DS-Gloss 

(For Q26/16)
 various accessibility work items including FSTP-RSDP, F.Reley

(For Q28/16)
 most active topics of Q28/16 including H.MEDX

- Discuss new work items.

4. Documents

   Documents must be registered by 23:59 UTC, Tuesday 11 February 2014.
   Submit your contributionss to TSB IPTV secretariat at <tsbiptv at itu.int>

5. Other information

    Detailed information on logistic, registration and visa, hotel room
    reservation is also contained in TSB circular 66.

Many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you by Friday 24 January.

Best regards

  Q13/16, Marcelo MORENO
  Q14/16, Kazunori TANIKAWA
  Q26(a.i.) and Q28/16, Masahito KAWAMORI 

Telecommunications Carriers Business Unit NEC Corporation

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