[libsrtp] Question about AUTH_FAIL

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Wed Oct 25 10:08:46 EDT 2023


When using ssrc_any_inbound or ssrc_any_outbound, I think this is 
expected.  With a new SSRC, I would assume the ROC is zero. So seeing a 
new SSRC within the context of the policy applied to a SRTP policy 
(srtp_policy_t), the library should automatically use the associated 
keys with that incoming SSRC.


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Subject [libsrtp] Question about AUTH_FAIL

>    I have a question regarding error code AUTH_FAIL during 
>srtp_unprotect. I'm using gstreamer to send srtp audio packets and 
>during transmission I do have a 'pause/resume functionality.
>    At pause the gst-launch cmd is terminated.
>    At resume the gst-launch is restarted but by having a new SSRC 
>(which is a mistake), while the srtp key remains the same and the 
>sequence number is higher than the last one. I'm using:  
>    Since the SSRC has changed, should't the srtp library return an 
>AUTH_FAIL ? It does not complain that the SSRC has changed and I do not 
>understand why.
>    Thank you.
>Dan S.
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