[libsrtp] libsrtp version 2.2.0 hase been released

Pascal Buhler (pabuhler) pabuhler at cisco.com
Wed May 16 04:14:47 EDT 2018


Version 2.2.0 of libsrtp is now released from the 2_2_x_throttle, https://github.com/cisco/libsrtp/tree/2_2_x_throttle .

The major change with this release is that the all the code has been reformatted to be consistent and this consistency can be enforced with the include .clang-format file. This resulted in a lot of none functional changes but was considered worth it to simplify maintenance in the future. There are numerous other minor fixes, see the CHANGES file for more details

The following links are available for downloading:

Thank you to everybody that has contributed.

libSRTP team.

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