[libsrtp] brancing for 2.1.0 release

Pascal Buhler (pabuhler) pabuhler at cisco.com
Wed May 24 05:19:51 EDT 2017


A 2_1_x_throttle branch has been created, this will be the base for the 2.1.0 release.
There are no outstanding issues blocking this release so if no new issues are found then the plan is to release 2.1.0 by 1st June.
It would be greatly appreciated if people take the time to test out this release now! Especially related to various platform support.

The 2.1.0 release contains several fixes that make it potentially incompatible with the current 1.5.x release. Due to this there will be an accompanying 1.6.0 release to ensure that there is compatibility between the  1.x series and the latest 2.x version for those that cannot migrate to 2.1.0 for any reason.

Regards libsrtp team.
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